"Cable modem problems… whose problem is it anyway?"
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This page started 08/06/1999 and made up the original content for this webpage.   Fortunatly 08/23/1999 the problems were resolved and this was moved as a secondary portion of the page.  Whether this page will be successful as a resource for Madison remains to be seen.  At any rate, the story, all the articles and e-mails that were involved are presented here unedited and uncensored.

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Prologue is the cable modem ever gunna get here?
08/02/1999 – The cable modem is finally here!
08/03/1999 – The cable modem is finally here, but who cares…
08/04/1999 – The cable modem is finally here, and you can enjoy speeds of up to 100X faster…
08/05/1999 – The cable modem is finally here, I’ll just do it myself…
08/06/1999 – The Cable modem is finally here…It can only get better, right?
08/07/1999 08/08/1999 – The cable modem is finally here… and there it sits…
08/09/1999 – The cable modem is finally here… yet no one knows how to work it.
08/10/1999 – NOC NOC.   Who's there?  Yo'r.  Yo'r who?  Yo'r still SLOW!
08/11/1999 Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the horns.
08/12/1999 – Im sick of this Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!Read Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/13/1999 – California dreamin’, my cable modem sucks!
– How many techs does it take to fix a cable modem connection?  The world may never know.
08/16/1999 – I’m going to have to put in my two-week notice…
08/17/1999 – Is your computer running?   You better catch it!
08/18/1999 – Results? You want results? You can’t handle results!
08/19/1999 – Blame it on the rain!
08/20/1999 – ...Cable modems working, cat’s and dogs living together… MASS HYSTERIA!
08/21/1999 08/22/1999 Things begin to get weird
08/23/1999 – After Three weeks in the making, the results are in!

The End?


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